Throughout this session we will be working towards making an eBook with audio, video and animation segments. The idea is to find new ways of working that weren’t possible before to truly redefine the way pupils work. We will also create an accompanying video to the eBook that is easy to share and contains all of the books content.

Course Contents:

  • Explore digital books and see the advantages compared to a physical copy
  • Choose a story to re-tell and bring key scenes together in a comic book style
  • Transport yourself into the story with some simple green screen video
  • Bring the content together in an eBook App and create your own digital book
  • Finally explore the ways that you can share the book in a variety of media formats

Key Skills:

  • Create an e-Book using text, images and audio
  • Play and share finished work - Independently upload to online storage for sharing
  • Retell narratives by sequencing events and information correctly
  • Using varying expression, tone and volume to keep listeners interested

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