We specialise in

  • Google Apps for Education.
  • Mobile Device Management of iPads.
  • iOS 11 app and device compatibility audits.
  • Uniform device settings on all iPads.
  • Proactive Support.
  • There when you need us, not just when scheduled.

We pride ourselves on ensuring each customer receives the right support for their situation so why not arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your options.

A personalised plan for every client

To begin with we want to understand how your business works and any current issues you face. In order to understand how technologies like Cloud Services or Device Management can benefit your business we need to know how things are done now so we can advise on more productive or cost effective measure that could be put in place. We begin with a free consultation and from there we provide you with an outline that we believe serves you best. We will then support you with every step to ensure a smooth setup and confident staff.

Google for Work deployments

We specialise in setting up and deploying Google for Work. Utilising the power of Google’s GSuite Cloud services we help your business communicate better with staff and customers as well as enable better sharing of information within your oganisation. Once you understand how Google can transform the way you work you’ll wonder how you managed without it. If you don’t already have a company email address (i.e. name@yourcompany.com) we can set this up for you and enable access through Gmail.
We can supply discounts on your Google subscriptions through the Google Referral Programme and training with our Google Certified Trainer.

Management of staff devices

If you want to use mobile devices like iPhones, iPads or Chromebooks in your business you need to make sure they are managed correctly and have the relevant security policies in place. Whether to facilitate pushing out apps or WiFi details, wiping a lost device or ensuring data is being handled correctly, proper device management allows you to set policies that fit with your company requirements. We will ensure all devices are setup by a qualified technician so that you can be confident that they are safe and secure.

Training for Staff

Any new technologies or processes that we deploy will be useless unless staff understand how to use them. With years of training experience we will ensure your staff get the right level of support and are confident in using these systems in their work. Over the years we’ve worked with people with massively varying knowledge and confidence levels and can tailor the training to specifically suit the needs of the attendees