We at Halo Support can help you with the planning of your device deployments, so when you feel confused by too many options, conflicting advice and feel like you're being pushed towards a product - instead of a solution. So let us help you filter out all of the noise and focus on the goals of the project.

Because every school is different we always start each project with an initial consultation. This would be open to anyone who plays a part in decision making, managing technology or driving the use of ICT in school. We want to understand as much as we possibly can about the school to find out about any current issues or difficulties and the goals you have for technology.

Below are some of the key areas we will discuss:

  • What devices do you currently use in school and are they performing as they should
  • Your vision for technology and what you want to achieve with it
  • What is currently working well and what would you change
  • Who currently manages the devices and are they the right person to do it
  • Is data created on the devices easily accessible
  • What other technologies are in use in the school i.e. projectors, TVs, laptops, NAS Drives and do these devices all need to work together
  • The areas teachers feel they need help with and where training could be of benefit

Once we have completed the initial consultation a proposal document will be created to bring together everything we discussed and offer solutions and ideas for improving the use of technology in the school.