This course is all about getting pupils to interact with the Teacher and each other by taking part in collaborative tasks in a variety of ways. Discover new methods that you as a Teacher can use to get your class working together. Some are based around a class set of devices and some just need one, but all of them allow the class to work together on a given task. 

Course Contents:

  • Use an online tool that can print unique cards that pupils can interact with
  • Setup a class quiz and allow all pupils to take part in a fun competitive way
  • Work on a collaborative board where everyone’s input is brought together
  • Explore QR Codes and the requirements to get the most out of them
  • Find an alternative to QR Codes with Aurasma and learn how to get started

Key Skills:

  • Exchange and share information using a variety of tools and technologies
  • Use a virtual learning environment to collaborate with other learners
  • Understand how QR codes work and where they store information
  • Participate in, and contribute to quizzes using devices and printed cards

Related Apps


Plickers allows a teacher to set up a multiple choice quiz and get pupils to take part by holding up printed cards. Perfect for when you don’t have a class full of iPads. We will demo how easy it is to get started and where to get all of the resources you need.



Again, a teacher can setup a multiple choice quiz but this time pupils can answer from any device, iOS, PC, Mac or Android and compete against each other with a live quiz. Results are available to download as a spreadsheet for evidence and assessment.



Using Padlet we can create collaborative boards of information where everyone in the class can add their own content from whatever device they’re using. Great conversation starter and a way to get pupils sharing information and collaborating.



Aurasma is changing the way we interact with the world. Discover augmented reality experiences, create your own Auras, and share with friends.


QR Reader for iPad

Scans QR codes, barcodes, documents and puzzles