This course deals with coding and how it can be related to everyday tasks. We will demo simple apps you can use to understand input methods and then show you how you can create a game from scratch using the iPad.

Course Contents:

  • Look at how instructional writing and coding are closely linked
  • Explore ways of coding without technology
  • Use apps like BeeBot and A.L.E.X. to explain input and output methods
  • Create our own app on the iPad
  • Find ways of improving the app and discussing possible methods

Key Skills:

  • Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement
  • Orally follow and create actions and commands / Instructional writing
  • Write a series of instructions to direct a virtual character to a destination
  • Debug code to identify errors when trying to make an object move on screen


Using Lego you will see how instructional writing and coding are closely linked and how defining objects and using clear commands will make coding simpler to understand.



Most Teachers will be familiar with the physical BeeBot robots but their iOS App gives pupils the chance to understand about input methods and stringing together commands.



Similar to the Beebot App but with robots! A.L.E.X allows pupils to create their own courses and challenge friends to complete them.



We finish the session by introducing Hopscotch. Our personal favourite coding app on the iPad, Hopscotch gives you unlimited scope in what to create. We will explore different projects and demo how easy it is to get started creating apps.