What's New in iOS 11

iOS11 icon Gradient.png

The new Apple Files app

The new Files app will allow users to access all of their device app documents, including those stored on cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as it acts as a unified location for browsing, managing, and sharing files.

The revised Dock

The Dock has been completely redesigned and can hold 13 apps (or folders) and 3 of the most used apps. This capacity make the dock the primary location for all your main apps and the main way of getting apps into 'Slide Over'. The Dock can be swiped up while you're in an app to open another app and if you continue swiping up you will enter the 'Control Centre'.

Drag and Drop

At last iOS 11 allows you to drag and drop anything selectable from one app to another. This really is a game changer for speeding up work and not to mention the freedom you feel by being able to compose documents from elements from other documents or web pages.

Screenshots and Markup

Screenshots have had a major overhaul so now when you take a screenshot a thumbnail appears in the lower left and then you can tap on it to enter an editing state - and this is before it has been saved to the Photos. The edit state allows you to crop to size, markup with coloured pens, add text, arrows, shapes or your signature. Then you can send it directly to an app, share it, save it to Photos or delete it.

Mark Haycock