iOS 11 - Are You Ready?

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Will all of your apps still work?

On the 19th September 2017 Apple released iOS 11, along with this comes one change that your school or business will need to be aware of.

iOS 11 now requires that all apps are compiled using the more modern 64bit code, this enables them to run faster and more efficiently on processor chips within newer devices. Previous iOS versions could run both the older 32bit and newer 64bit apps. In a nutshell it means that some older apps will no longer work if your devices are updated to iOS 11.

As Apple do not provide a way to easily see which apps are 32bit, Halo Support offer a service where we do an audit of your devices and apps to alert you to the apps that will no longer work. We can also then advise on suitable replacement apps.

We have already highlighted a number of popular apps that are 32bit and as the developers have not updated the apps for over 2 years are unlikely to be converted to 64bit.

Please feel free to contact us if you need advice.

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