iOS 10.3 What’s New - Apple Classroom 2 - How Can It Benefit Your School

Apple Classroom is an Apple app that enables teachers to manage a class of student iPads with the help of the following features:

  • Open Apps
  • Lock Apps that are open
  • Share links directly from Safari
  • Navigate to a web page bookmark, ePub chapter
  • Share documents directly from an app to the class using AirDrop
  • Mute an iPad
  • Lock an iPad
  • View the students’ iPad screens

Previously with Apple Classroom 1 to use the above features your iPads had to be Supervised and had to be enrolled in a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that supported the Education profile - this is still true if you have devices that only support iOS 9.3.

For Apple Classroom 2 the iPad’s must be an iPad 4th generation or later OR iPad mini 2 or later but they no longer have to be Supervised or be enrolled in a MDM - on unsupervised devices the student can choose if they want to respond to teacher device requests this is due to privacy considerations, on supervised devices these are ‘managed’ devices so the teacher has permission to control the iPads as they see fit.

Now any supported iPad can download Apple Classroom 2 from the App Store and create an ‘Unmanaged Class’ and invite students to join. When a student is in the vicinity of a teachers iPad that is broadcasting a ‘Unmanaged Class’ the unsupervised iPads can choose to join by entering a PIN code for that ‘Unmanaged Class’ that the teacher makes available. As this Classroom feature is supported in every iOS 10.3 running on iPads the students don’t have the Apple Classroom 2 app on their device, a new ‘Classroom’ section appears in the ‘Settings’ app when in range of a teacher device and from there the student can join the ‘Unmanaged Class’. The ‘Unmanaged Class’ continues to be remembered by the student device until the student goes to the ‘Settings’ app and chooses to leave the ‘Unmanaged Class’.

By loosening the requirements that the iPads must be supervised and also enrolled in a MDM that supports the Education profile structure, Apple have made Apple Classroom 2 a very attractive tool for teachers to use. It is worth noting that Apple Classroom 2 can also be used in the home environment too.

If you would like to know more about Apple Classroom and if your school and staff could benefit form these feature - please contact us and let us help you